Rhea lives in Upperville, Virginia, where she runs a


Fly Fishing School from April through June, which


 covers everything from casting to entomology. She


also offers the same schools based out of Livingston,


Montana in the Summer.

She achieved the FFF Master Instructor designation


in 1997, the second woman ever to do so, and has


certified new instructors throughout the US.


She has just released a DVD, "The Double Haul," for


both students and instructors, which can be purchased at          www.thebookmailer.com / 800-874-4171


She is the author of the best selling book, "ROD


RAGE, A Guide to Angling Ethics" published by The


Lyons Press in 2004. "This should be required reading


for all anglers on fly fishing etiquette!" Rhea compiled


and analyzed hundreds of stories and opinions


worldwide, including those of many noted experts on


both on- and - off stream behavior: what is good,


what is bad and what to do about it. Her slide show


on the same topic is not only fun, but also important


for our survival, and can be booked for clubs or




Rhea has been a strong promoter of the FFF Casting


Instructor Certification Program. This is a program


conceived by Mel Krieger and designed to help solidify


standards and bring reliability and dependability to


casting instruction worldwide.

As President of Mayfly Adventures she takes small


groups of fly fishing enthusiasts to such destinations


as The Western States, Labrador, Louisiana, Tierra


del Fuego, Patagonia, Chile, Costa Rica, Belize,


Venezuela, The Bahamas, and Mexico to name a few.

In 1999 Rhea pioneered the Women's and Children's


SummerFly Fishing Courses for the Yellowstone Institute,


 in Yellowstone National Park. She is also available for


 hire as a guide during the Summer months in Montana.

When teaching her own schools rather than teaching


one specific style or methodology, she believes in


incorporating many and adjusting those to each


individual student. She also believes that in order to


learn, at any age, it must be fun!

She has been an Instructor at the famous Wulff


School of Fly Fishing as well as for The Mel Krieger


International Schools. She was Head Instructor for


the Becoming an Outdoor Woman program for the


state of Vermont.

Rhea was the Associate Producer of the acclaimed


and successful video “Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly


Casting,” and “Fly Fishing with Kids,” a nonprofit


video shot in Argentina with Mel Krieger in 2001.


Rhea has served as both a Regional and National


Director of the FFF. She has worked on the National


Site Selection, the International, and the Outreach


Committees and also served as Awards Chair. Her


accolades include being described by everyone as, “a


full time ambassador for the sport.”

Rhea was honored as the Federation of Fly Fishers'


“1999 Woman of the Year, ” and in 2003 received


the FFF's Lew Jewett Lifetime Award.



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